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Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011


The writer was born in Sukabumi on Sept 10th, 1974. His name is Abdul Rohman. He is the fifth from seven siblings. He has three brother and three sisters. His father’s name is Mr. Madsuki and his mother’s name is Mrs. Yaya Maryani.
Formal education which is gone through is SDN Pasir Oa graduated in 1987. Then he continued to Junior High School SMPN 1 Kalapanunggal graduated in 1992. And in 1995 he completed his education at Senior Technical High School in STMN Sukabumi.
After finishing his education at Senior High School, He worked at Foreign Company as Mechanical and Electrical Assistance Site Manager at Mechanical Electrical Department until 1998. In 1998-present he still works at Private Company as Senior Technical Leader at General Affair Department, especially at Factory Maintenance and Utility Section. And in 2007 he continued his study to STKIP Kusuma Negara Jakarta in English Major English Language Education.


A.    The Background of the Research
Good listening skills are vital to healthy relationships. Whether you're strengthening a relationship, resolving a conflict, or offering support in a facing a crisis, good listening skills can be a lifeline to peace. Learn how to be a truly supportive listener, and you may find yourself surrounded by others who are able to do the same. If you have children you know what it's like to feel like you're talking to a wall. Kids have an uncanny ability to appear to be listening to you while actually paying no attention at all. While this is something that may pass with age it is important to help children develop good listening skills early. They will do better in school and you will keep your sanity.
Listening is a skill that tends to get neglected for various reasons. Among others things are:
1.      The feeling among language teachers that this skill is automatically acquired by the learner as he/she learns to speak the language.
2.      Listening is not given serious attention the fact that in competence in it is easily to hide through nodding and shaking of the head, which may give the impression of understanding even there is none.
3.      Audio lingual course give the impression that they are teaching listening when in fact teaching other skill.
4.      Listening is one of the opinion that listening is not a passive skill but an active one because we need to be receptive to others, which include paying attention to explanations, questions, and opinions
At the SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat, English language material is the subject must be followed by all students from the seventh grade to ninth grade. There are some problem involve in language learning. Based on it, the writer chose this problem become object research in his research. This some problem which involve at SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat, such as:
1.      The school location is rather far from the center of the district administration, Bekasi.
2.      The students come from many background of their family in which the low middle classes.
3.      English language still become one of the difficulties subject at SMP level, especial at seventh grade of the students
In School Base curriculum 2006, there are some competence standards and basic competence which have to be reach by students have to understand the meaning in simple oral transactional and interpersonal conversation to interact in daily contact as competent ion standard. The basic competence is to respond the meaning in simple oral transactional and interpersonal conversation accurately, fluently, and pitchy in daily life context about asking and giving certainment, adoubtment, asking repeatment, attention and admiration.
The learning process of these competences standards and basic competence are the students can:
1.      Understanding the speech about asking and giving certainment, adoubment, asking  repeatment, attention and admiration.
2.      Mention the meaning of the sentence or words about asking and giving certainment, adoubment, asking repeatment, attention and adiration.
3.      Show the word that is spoken by person about asking and giving certainment, adoument, asking repeatment, attention and admiration.
It is also necessary to mention that listening is one of the skills on some language tests is reason enough to be taught besides the enjoyable activities as learner may indulge in the target language such as listening to the radio, listening to the English song and watching movies – demand that learner exercise this skill. The skill mastery of listening is very important in everyday life. Without listening we cannot understand what the people say, so the communication will not smooth and it tend not continue.
In learning English sometimes the students are bored certain teaching atmosphere. There are various techniques used for teaching skills; Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. There are also various medias used for teaching English and improve their listening skill which could make the students feel interest to the learning process and enjoy it such as pictures, sound of music, English song and also English movies. Whit this medias, the teaching listening process will more interest and enjoyable for the students.
Watching English movies or other audio visual as media in teaching English helps sensitivity to the students’ sense of hearing. The influence of watching English movies is improving students’ listening skill. Many children and teenager like movies so much and it could make learning process is easier. They will be interested and happy. Learning listening with English movies or audio visual media can improve their listening skill. Concerning the facts above, it is expected that research on teaching listening can offer an alternative in providing the technique in teaching listening, motivating the students to learn English and can be useful for those who are interested in teaching listening.
Several years back there was a public service announcement that ran on television. It talked about the importance of good listening skills and the difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is a physical ability while listening is a skill. Listening skills allow one to make sense of and understand what another person is saying. In other words, listening skills allow you to understand what someone is “talking about” Good listening skills making workers more productive. The ability to listen carefully will allow you to:
·         Better understand assignments and what is expected of you;
·         Build rapport with co-workers, bosses, and clients;
·         Show support;
·         Work better in a team-based environment;
·         Resolve problems with customers, co-workers, and bosses;
·         Answer questions; and
·         Finding underlying meanings in what others say.
. As the SCANS report points out, good listening skills will prepare children to eventually succeed in the workforce.
The Audio lingual Method is a method for teaching foreign languages. Linguists at the University of Michigan invented this method in the late 1950s. In the audio lingual method, students first hear a language. Later, they speak the language, and after that, they read and write in it. This way of language teaching is similar to the Direct Method. Like the Direct Method, the Audio-lingual Method doesn’t use the students’ native language. For example, if you are in an English class in Turkey, the teacher only speaks English, and no Turkish. However, unlike the Direct Method, the Audio-lingual Method does not teach vocabulary. Rather, the teacher drills grammar. In the Audio-lingual method, grammar is most important for the student. In other words, the student must repeat grammar patterns after the teacher. The students don’t learn lots of vocabulary. This method also uses psychology. The students get a reward for speaking correctly. They get punishment if they speak incorrectly; because it is based on habit formation, which is establishes by stimulus, response and reinforcement. It gives priority to speaking the target language, and using the native language is not allowed.
B.     The Identification of the Problem
Base on the background of the problem the writer would like to seek the answer to the following problem that can be identified as follows:
1.      How can The Audio Lingual Method help both the teacher and the students in teaching and learning process?
2.      How can The Audio Lingual Method improve the students’ listening ability?
3.      How does the teacher teach listening using Audio Lingual Method to the students of  SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat?
4.      What are the benefits of the research?

C.     The Limitation of the Problem
The writer has limited the paper to effectiveness of Teaching Listening Using Audio Lingual Method to improve students’ listening to the seventh grade of junior high school at SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat – Bekasi.
To get accurate result about the effect of English movies or English audiovisual to improve students’ listening ability, the writer has chosen the title “Teaching Listening Skill through Audio Lingual Methode at the Seventh Grade of SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat – Bekasi”
D.    The Formulation of  the Problem
Based on the limitation of the problem it can be formulated as follows: How does the Teacher Teach Listening Skill through Audio Lingual Method at the Seventh Grade Students of SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat – Bekasi?
E.     The Benefits of the Research
The writer hopes study will give the benefit for all. Usefulness of the study is to find out the question which has been formulated in the statement of the problem. There are also some benefits here such as:

  1. For The Writer
a.       The writer will get experience of English science, and add the knowledge because the writer searched the variety source to find the information that has relation with the title.
b.      The writer knows the theory about natural approach and also hopes it will be applied in teaching listening.
  1. For the Students
a.       The students should be active in learning process through Audio Lingual Method
b.      The students should prepare the material need to support the Audio Lingual Method
c.       The students should speak English clearly during Audio Lingual method so the audience can understand on the conversation.
d.      The students should gather information from many resources to make the Audio Lingual Method more interactive and interesting.
  1. For The English Teacher
a.       The teacher should give enough explanation about the Audio lingual method through some exercise.
b.      The teacher should guide the students to listen carefully and correctly.
c.       The teacher should motivate the students who are shy.
d.      The teacher should establish the students for time for students to search the information from the internet and prepared the materials.
e.       The teacher can be considered to choose the suitable method in teaching listening base on the characteristics of their students, the situation in class room, and also the curriculum and make the enjoyable situation.
  1. For The SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat – Bekasi
a.       The institution should prepare some books needed for the teacher and students.
b.      The institution should prepared book Audio Lingual Method as reference for teacher and students.
c.       The institution should hold workshop or training about character building to encourage the students to be confidence in order to speak up.
d.      The institution should provider of the internet so it will work fast.

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