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Rabu, 02 November 2011



A.     Objective of  the Study
The researcher needs an accurate method when he will conduct a research. The method used in this research must be closely related with the procedure, technique, and instrument in the outline of the research. Outline of the research must be appropriate with the selected method. The objective of the  research is to find a new theory of improve students, listening skill using audio lingual method at  the seventh grade of SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat – Bekasi.

B.     Place and Time of the Research
This research was conducted at SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat. The researcher takes the place because that school is one of junior high school that has been involved English as s national content from the first grade until the third grade as the enrichment activities, and also wants to know how are the application of the teaching learning process at seventh grade of SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat which located at Jl. Sindang Kasih, Kp. Paparean, Ds. Pasir Tanjung, Kec. Cikarang Pusat, Kab. Bekasi – West Java, 17813. This research was held for 4 months from March till June 2011 in which during the time school is in the second semester of 2010/2011academic year.
C.     The Research Method
Research method is basic represent the procedure and way, which must be gone through to the reach target. This research is target obtain the passages. Therefore, the method used is qualitative description, when the researcher as an observer whiles the teaching learning process is going on. That qualitative research can grounded on the discovery, oriented, exploratory descriptive and indicative.

D.    The Research Subject
The subject of this research is the students of SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat. They are normally consist of 38 students in the seventh grade of SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat. For getting information the writer interview:
1.      The English teacher and headmaster at SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat Bekasi is as informant.
2.      The some students are the key informant.
E.     Procedure of the Data Collection
In collecting the data in the “Teaching Listening Skill Using Audio Lingual Method”, the writer used observation, interviewed, and discussion.

a.      Observation
In the instrument, the writer observed about Teaching Listening at Seventh Grade of SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat – Bekasi. In this observation the writer as an observer in the teaching process.
b.      Interview
This instrument is the way on the method of data collection in which the writer asks the information directly. The writer interviewed the English teacher to knowing some information from him how to give a material of listening and how the process of teaching listening using Audio Lingual Method on SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat – Bekasi. And also interviewed the students how they feel when teacher taught listening using Audio Lingual Method.
c.      Discussion
The writer discuss about the teaching listening using Audio Lingual Method on SMPN 2 Cikarang Pusat – Bekasi, and give them opportunity to give advice and suggestion to the writer in order for the miscommunication can’t be happened.
F.      The Data Analysis Technique
Data analysis is a process to find out and set result data from observes, interview, and other to increase the researcher about the study and make easy to understand by our self and other. To analyses the data the writer as follow:
1.         Reduction of Data
Data reduction use for collecting the data from observation, interview, and discussion. In data reduction, the writer summarized and focus on the important data that could eases..
2.         Display
In data display, the writer analyzed the result from observation, interviewed, and questionnaire. Then the data were organized and arranged in a pattern, so that they would be understood easily.
3.         Conclusion drawing / verification
The third step in analyzed .data in qualitative research was conclusion drawing or verification. It was used to describe all of the data, so that it would be came clearly.

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